Aadharana (“support”) is the Collective’s enterprise development programme to establish and promote new rural business enterprises. The programme supports the management of the Timbaktu Shop, and the business development and marketing needs of the Bhavani Chenetha Sangam (Bhavani), a handloom weaving centre of and for marginalized rural women, and the Militha Jeevanopadhula Sangam (MJS), a livelihood unit of persons with disabilities which manufactures handcrafted soaps and related products.

  • The Timbaktu Shop, which is owned by Dharani FaM Coop and managed by the Aadharana team, is a retail outlet in Chennekothapalli village which sells products from the following brands: Timbaktu Organic, Timbaktu Weaves and Timbaktu Handcrafted Soaps. Profits from the sales are shared with the primary producers
  • Timbaktu Organic is a brand of Dharani FaM Coop
  • Timbaktu Weaves is a brand of Bhavani
  • Timbaktu Handcrafted Soap is a brand of MJS


The Timbaktu Shop was established in April, 2018.

Bhavani was set up in 2007 by the Timbaktu Collective as a training centre on handloom weaving for young rural women who were high-school dropouts, women with disabilities, widows and single women from difficult backgrounds. In 2016, the members of Bhavani started afresh and decided to create a viable, local and ethical business and a safe work space completely owned and run by rural women.

Similarly, in 2017 the Soap Unit affiliated to the Prathibha Cooperative was converted into an independent entity- MJS, in order to become economically rigorous and viable.

Updated statistics as on November 2018:

  • The Timbaktu Shop has made sales of over Rs. 28 lakhs since its opening in April, 2018. It is witnesseing a 6% increase in month on month sales, with 70% repeat customers.
  • Bhavani has made sales of Rs.3,78,614/- in the past eight months of FY 2018-19. Similarly, MJS has made sales of Rs. 2,82,040/-.
  • In terms of annual sales in 2017-18, Bhavani made Rs. 10,32,198/- while MJS made Rs. 4,54,045/-.