One of the crucial support women in the area require is Legal support for domestic violence, dowry deaths, child marriages, exploitation and trafficking, rape and sometimes murder.


a young girls dies of domestic violence while her family grieves.

Legal Aid Centres

Adisakthi, Ananthasakthi and Mahilasakthi Cooperatives run legal aid and counselling centres to address women’s issues that include gender inequality, domestic violence, child marriage, and dowry demands. A presiding legal counsellor oversees each centre.

The counsellor attends the monthly Directors’ meetings and quarterly Mahasakthi meetings and presents information regarding the current cases of the centre.

The Cooperatives, with support from The Timbaktu Collective, provide legal counselling and training to its members. They also raise awareness about the prevalence of domestic violence, educate women about their rights and train senior members to work in the legal aid centres.

Legal Education

Workshops and trainings are held with Leaders and members to educate them about their Rights, the legal redressal system and the opportunities it provides. Since quite often women have very little knowledge about their rights, these educational sessions provide important inputs.

Legal Camps

Legal Camps are held regularly in the villages to mobilize women and sensitize families and local communities to issues women face. During these camps government officials as well as officials from the Police department are invited to address the public and build awareness of laws and schemes.

Linkage building with Law & Judiciary

One of the important steps for women in the area to build linkages with Law and Judiciary. Besides knowing what to do under dire circumstances, they also need to know who to go to for protection and/or redressal. Mahasakthi helps the leaders and members to build linkages with government officials and law-enforcers.