The Collective started working with agricultural labourers in 2008 with the objective of providing livelihood support for their families. The agricultural labourers were organized into koolie sanghams, and were supported to purchase sheep with a project grant from EED, Germany.

Members of Gramasiri have taken up the business of rearing and selling of small ruminants. This has really flourished during the last few years. Various members, individually and collectively have entered into the business of rearing and selling small ruminants (goats & sheep), which has expanded within a period of 6 months to 3 centres. Collectively, the members of Gramasiri also practice thrift through which members are able to avail credit.

In March 2010, a cooperative of agricultural labourers, Gramasiri, was registered to take forward the work with agricultural labourers. As of 31st March 2015 Gramasiri has 625 shareholding members from 32 villages who have contributed Rs. 312,500 as share capital and member deposits of Rs. 6.4 million over the past five years. The programme is now financially supported by BfdW, Germany.