Over the past few years we have had innumerable visitors and guests. While this is welcome, we have tried to bring in a structure to make the visits more effective. As part of that, we normally organise quarterly Visitors Days comprising of 3 days of talks and field visits. We also accept visitors on other dates depending on the time availability of staff.

It is expected that all people who want to visit should inform us about their intention well in advance. The purpose and the schedule of the visit should be mutually worked out and then confirmed at least a month before the scheduled date. This will give us enough time to prepare for / organise the visit.

We request you to please write to admin@timbaktu.org for any information or enquiries.

Please Note: The Visitors’ Days scheduled for December 13,14,15 2018 has been cancelled. The next Visitors Day is tentatively scheduled for April 2019. 

Updated: Dec 3, 2018