The Collective is governed by a Board comprising of 7 General Body members and 5 Managing Committee members who are responsible for all policy decisions.
The General Body meets once a year and the Managing Committee meets once in three months.



The operations are managed by various Thematic Working Groups, the Steering Committee, and the Timbaktu Panchayati (a body of all full-time functionaries of the Collective).

All decisions concerning the day to day operations and activities are taken during the regular monthly or fortnightly meetings of the working groups. Programme planning, reporting, monitoring and financial monitoring are part of the regular agenda during these meetings.

For matters that do not come within the scope of these meetings, there is a different forum called the Steering Committee. This comprises of the leaders of the various working groups. This committee meets on a fortnightly basis.

The Timbaktu Panchayati deals with planning for any programme that needs to be done jointly by all the working groups, sharing of the monthly reports of all these working groups, decisions that need to be taken together with all members.


Planning, Monitoring & Evaluations

Planning and monitoring of programmes take place at various levels. This includes the CBO’s (community based organisations), the working groups, the steering committee and the Timbaktu Panchayathi.

Financial Monitoring is also done at these levels. Each working group is trained to manage the monthly budgets and accounts of the group. An external auditor, who also gives suggestions for improvements wherever required, conducts the annual statutory audit.

External evaluators are invited for programme evaluations from time to time.