We are grateful for the many people who have walked with us and worked alongside us over the years. We are especially grateful to the Donors and Partners who believed in our dreams and placed their trust in us and supported us.

Some of the institutional donors / partners over years:

ABILIS – Finland;
AFPRO – New Delhi, India;
Asha for Education – USA & UK;
ASW – Germany;
BILANCE – Netherlands;
BfdW – Germany;
BMZ – Germany;
CAA – Australia;
CEBEMO – Netherlands;
CORDAID – Netherlands;
CWS – Hyderabad, India;
Decision Graphics – Hyderabad, India;
DPAP – Anantapur, India;
DRDA – Anantapur, India;
EED – Germany;
HIDF – Bangalore, India;
ICCO – Netherlands;
IGSSS – New Delhi, India;
ION Foundation – Mumbai, India;
Kadoorie Charitable Foundation, Hongkong;
KZE – Germany;
LAYA – Visakapatnam, India;
Lilly Foundation – USA;
NABARD – Hyderabad;
Options & Solutions – Bangalore, India;
RDT – Anantapur, India;
SDC – Switzerland;
SDTT – Mumbai, India;
SEDT – Anandapuram, India;
Somneed – Japan;
SPA Education Foundation, Mumbai;
SPWD – New Delhi, India;
TdH – Germany;
WASSAN – Hyderabad, India